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    This is Stewie – Petar Stantchev videopart

    di Osde

    23 maggio 2017

    The power, the strenght and the style...

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    Davide Holzknecht Videopart

    di Osde

    12 maggio 2016

    Street skateboarding from Bozen

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    Paolo Maneglia Videopart

    di Osde

    24 marzo 2016

    Street skateboarding from Sardinia

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    Get on the good foot – Marko Dukić

    di alessandro redaelli

    19 novembre 2014

    Get on the good sock

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    Get on the Good foot #ep5 Aref Koushesh

    di alessandro redaelli

    28 gennaio 2014


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    Get on the good foot #ep 4 Carlo Cassan

    di Osde

    10 luglio 2013

    Don't stop Carletto!

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    Get on the good foot #ep 3 Guido Stazi

    di Osde

    17 aprile 2013

    Swag this, bitches!!!

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    Get on the good foot #ep 2 Luca Doneddu

    di alessandro redaelli

    11 marzo 2013

    Skateboarding super fast e tecnico...

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    Mauro Caruso ‘Get on the good foot’

    di alessandro redaelli

    25 gennaio 2013

    Mauro Caruso Full Part.