Santa Monica Triple Set – Best Tricks


Dopo l’ollie di Kareem Campbell in ‘New World Order’ una serie ancora infinita di trick ha scritto la storia del triplo set di Santa Monica. Ecco un’edit che racconta quanto chiuso finora da Paul Rodriguez, Arto Saari, Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston, Chris Pfanner, Geoff Rowley (e tutti gli altri) nel leggendario spot.

Ecco l’elenco dei trick nel video:

– World Industries ‘New World Order’: ollie by Kareem Campbell
– Toy Machine ‘Welcome to Hell’: 180 by Donny Barley
– Element ‘Third Eye View’: 180 back by Kenny Hughes; kickflip by Kris Markovich
– kickflip to firecracker on the last set by Lizard King
– Birdhouse ‘The End’: flip front by Andrew Reynolds
– frontside heelflip by Carlos Vega
– Element World Tour 1999: backside heelflip & front 360 by Jeremy Wray
– Flip ‘Sorry’: backside flip & switch flip by Arto Saari; pop shuvit & backside 360 & varial heelflip by Geoff Rowley
– eS ‘Menikmati’: switch back by Arto Saari
– Youtube clip: treflip by Tyler Price; fakie heel by Paul Hart; switch hardflip by Woody Woelfel
– Shredit Card: impossible by Dylan Williams
– Lost & Found clip: cab by Chris Pfanner
– Girl ‘Yeah Right’: switch heel by Eric Koston
– Transworld ‘Sub’: nollie heel by Benny Fairfax
– Digital Skateboarding ‘Smoke and Mirrors’: nollie bigspin & nollie flip by Cody McEntire
– Index Skateboard Supply ‘Allergic to Awesome’: fakie flip by Auby Taylor
– Filmbot Clip: fakie tre shove & switch varial heel by Paul Hart
– Blind ‘This is not a Test’: nollie back heel & nollie bs 360 by Kevin Romar
– ‘Standards Forsaken’: nollie heel front & switch heel front by Nate Principato
– ‘Ta Ha’: switch big heel by Derrick Wilson
– ‘We are Blood’: bigspin heel by Oscar Meza
– Nike ad: switch treflip by Paul Rodriguez

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